About me

I am a (statistics) PhD student (with Tamara Broderick) in the EECS department at MIT affiliated with LIDS. I earned my MSc degrees in Statistics and Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2021. I did my undergraduate degree in Biology/Physics at Peking University.

My research is mostly motivated by applications in ecology while focusing on structural learning, uncertainty quantification, robustness and connection to scientific (e.g. ecological, physical) theories in modern, complex data structure from emerging measurement technologies. On the statistics side I study Bayesian nonparametrics, variable selection, scalable (Bayesian) inverse problems and applied machine learning. On the ecology side I study population and community ecology mostly for carnivores. Unfortunately I am not able to mentor UROP students at the moment.

My research

Most recent statistics project:

Most recent ecology project:

  • Population and spatial expansion of gray wolves (Canis lupus), theory of density dependence across spatial scales, large scale capture-recapture and occupancy models.

More about me

I am a wildlife photographer and angler in my spare time. I hold a technician class amateur radio license, bearing KD9TZJ call sign. I am also an ACG fan.